SME Loans

SME short term loans

  • up to 12 months
  • to support commercial activities- increase working capital; business growth & Profitability
  • With flexible terms of repayment based business’s cashflow

SME medium term loans

  • between 18-36 months
  • expansion of business operations and funding of working capital
  • financing of capital expenditure
  • we offer flexible repayment structure

Inventory financing facilities

  • for product stocking and inventory financing
  • offers a working capital support as payment to suppliers
    up to 18 months

Receivable backed working capital lending

  • For partial release of value from Interim Payment Certificate
  • facility amount per transaction is a maximum of Cedi equivalent of US$500,000.00 and up to 60% of the total contract sum/IPC

Contractor financing

  • short and medium term construction finance.
    We also support the issuance of the following contract requirements;
  • bid bonds
  • performance bonds
  • advance payment bonds
  • Retention bonds

Import and export financing

  • to enhance trade – import documentary credit; import bills; export documentary credit; export bills; guarantees; export invoice finance

Bridge financing

  • short term facility
  • to augment customers working capital in the interim

LPO financing

  • to fund supply contracts
  • up to 180 days (longer term deals may considered)
  • the facility amount per transaction is a maximum of SLL equivalent of US$500,000.00 and up to 70% of the LPO value

Vehicle and Asset Financing

  • to provide an effective value-for-money capital expenditure financing programme to each stakeholder to facilitate the acquisition of critical assets for business and personal use
  • products include- finance lease; Sale and Lease back; vendor leasing; operating lease; household asset finance; fleet finance; equipment finance; Asset Release

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