Share My Account


This product allows any UTB account holder to share their account with their family members, distribute allowances, entertainment allowances for corporate entities and more using a UTB ATM Sub-Card. There is a Family and Corporate package available.

To create a Sub-Card to your account is quick. You can request your UTB Mobile App and state the name of the person you wish to share your account with. This request will be processed within 24 hours and card will be ready for collection at UTB branch.

UTB ATM Sub-Cards are a great way to distribute your allowances and easily push or pull money to and from each card from your primary account. You card operate your family budget in a cashless manner using our UTB ATM Sub-Card product. This card comes with great features that make it unique for family and corporate use.

a) You can transfer money in real-time to any sub-card that shares your account.
b) You can set a limit and expiring date for the amount that you have shared with your Sub-Card holder.
c) No KYC required for Sub-Card beneficiaries.
d) You have visibility of all transactions of your Sub-Card holders.
e) You can withdraw funds or block any Sub-Card from your Mobile App.

Security Features and Risk Management

  • The primary account holder has full visibility on the Sub-Cards that has been issued on the account. They can block or pull funds from the account from their mobile phone anytime.
  • Separate PIN for primary card holder and Sub-Card holder.

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